What is statelessness?

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What is statelessness?
Not belonging to a state?

A person who does not have a nationality or citizenship is stateless. The person does not belong to any country. This could be because the person belongs to minority and has been discriminated against and therefore has no nationality.

You can also become stateless through new countries forming. Palestinians are such an example. There are also countries in the world where women are discriminated against and therefore cannot confer their nationality to their children which results in the child being stateless as well. Statelessness often happens because of formulations in the law where everyone is not included, or because of children not being registered at birth.

Being stateless means that you cannot access things that citizens normally would be able to access. You cannot participate in political elections, you cannot go to school not seek medical help.

If you are stateless

If you are stateless you are welcome to join our reference group. Our reference group meets regularly to provide the organization with insights into what is currently important to work on. The reference group has the possibility to affect the work of the organization.

To join the reference group, contact Jehna Al-Moushahidi at jehna.alm@gmail.com.

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