1. Resources

Information regarding statelessness

Information regarding statelessness in Sweden.

Childrens book:

“The Girl Who Lost her Country” tells the story of Neha, a girl without a nationality, who travels the world to learn about the lives of different children and how they are impacted by statelessness.

Teaching guide:

With a mix of multi-disciplinary, interactive, enjoyable, memorable, and creative activities, Teaching about Statelessness with Neha is designed to teach children about Borders & Belonging and about Citizenship & Rights, by exploring the causes and impact of statelessness, looking at real-life examples from around the world.

The overall goal of the teaching guide is to strengthen learners’ understanding of the world around them, their identity and relationships with others, the rights they hold and what can be done to claim them.


The book and the teaching guide are also available on a specially-designed website filled with additional information, materials and activities on statelessness, developed to capture the imagination and interest of its primary intended audience – children.

Graphic novel:

Shapeless Shapes is a graphic novel about identity, belonging, history, xenophobia, freedom, racism, discrimination, injustice, activism, citizenship & statelessness. It tells a story of a world that was, is, and can be.
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